One of the largest cycling clubs in Ontario serving Brampton Erin Orangeville and Bolton.

Elections for Club President and Vice President

  • September 29, 2019
  • Albion Hills

Club elections will be held at the fall BBQ on Sep 29th.  Our current president, Mike Morten, is stepping down from his position.

We are looking for new candidates for both the role as president as well as vice president.  Margaret Law, our current vice president, will be running for president.  Ann Smith is continuing as treasurer. 

We need you to nominate yourself or someone you think would be a good candidate.  It is crucial we get someone to volunteer in order for the club to continue operating. Email your nominations to our treasurer now.

The executive duties can be tailored to suit your requirements so please don’t think you’re not qualified or have enough time. The ten people who help run the club can support the various tasks involved. More info below.

Sunday September 29 12:00 pm
Albion Hill Conservation Chalet


1.    Call to Order
2.    Acceptance of Agenda
3.    Reports
⦁    President
⦁    Vice President
⦁    Treasurer
⦁    Memberships
⦁    Events
⦁    Other
4.    Old Business
5.    New Business
Elections for President and Vice President
6.    Next Meeting TBA
7.    Motion to Adjourn

 Caledon Cycling Club - Executive Duties and Responsibilities

These are all the duties that the club execs perform. The execs will split up the responsibilities according to what each person prefers to do. As a minimum, you need to attend all executive meetings- four per year. At least one executive should be at every ride and event.

Communications with:

Retail businesses, land managers at TRCA, government authorities, event organizers, cycling associations, private property owners, local municipalities, cycling advocacy groups (IMBA).

Club promotion.

Toronto Bike Show (organize, man, set up & teardown).

Create club brochures.  Respond to club email inquiries. Exhibit at some local trade shows.

Ride Scheduling.

Determine ride locations. Arrange ride coordinators.

Act as substitute ride coordinator for some weekly rides.

After regular club rides, ensure all riders are present and accounted for before leaving the ride location.


Manage our trail crews for trail design, building and maintenance. Ensuring trails are ready for season start. Blowing & trimming trails (2-3 times per year).  Purchase and service of club trail equipment. Training helpers. Chain saw certificates required by users. Ensure official trail inspections are performed during the season.

Club events: 

Spring and Fall BBQ Rides: Organization, menu development, purchase food, operate and tear-down. Organize and purchase give-a-ways.

Work with the social committee to organize Feb Blues, 24hr race, New Year’s Day Ride, Winter Solstice Ride and additional events throughout the year

Club Products

Design and purchase of clothing, tents, stickers and CCC swag.

Membership duties:

Responding to membership questions and concerns.

Development, print and distribution of membership applications, waivers and membership cards.

Collection of completed memberships and dues from shop and rides.

Attend 3-4 sign up days at the shop every March/April. Assist new members. 4 hour shifts.

Create newsletters. Frequent email updates to members.

Membership enforcement. Card inspection.

Banking and Accounting

Maintain club bank account. Record all income and expenses. Pay suppliers.

Report on yearly finances to executive & membership.

Manage the storage of club equipment, clothing and member records

Manage the storage of club trailers.

Arrange for trailer delivery to BBQ events, races and trail maintenance.

Web site:

Design and update content. Manage and assist users.

Arrange for website hosting. Domain renewals.

Post weekly updates to calendar, events and forum.

Official club photography. Maintain photo site.

Manage and limit the club's liability.

Make sure everything is as safe as possible - trails, riders, conditions, etc.

Purchase club liability insurance.

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