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  • January 30, 2018 9:30 AM | Mitch Hall (Administrator)

    During last week's thaw there were a lot of people riding in DCF when the conditions were too warm. It caused a lot of ruts in the groomed trails. Please stay off groomed trails when it's too warm. For DCF trail conditions please visit the Team Van Go web site. They are also looking for volunteers to assist with trail grooming using snowshoes.

  • January 16, 2018 12:59 PM | Mitch Hall (Administrator)

    Tour de Caledon is coming August 6/2018.

    Brad Hains was the race director for the Tour de Terra Cotta and now he's back with the Tour de Caledon. This is a road race for all ages and abilities. This year's location is the Caledon East Recreation Centre. You can expect the same great features like closed roads, no yellow line rule and smooth pavement. Registration is now open and if you don't race make sure to come out and watch. This event provides many contributions to local charities including Big Brothers and Big Sisters, The Paula Coats Memorial Scholarship, The Dave Rutherford Memorial Scholarship, Kerry’s Place, Palgrave and Bolton Rotary Club. More info here -

  • January 10, 2018 2:15 PM | Mitch Hall (Administrator)

    We’ve scheduled a number of night hikes this winter. They start at 6:30 pm on Wednesdays or Thursdays. Each hike takes about two hours to complete at a brisk pace, and the locations are all different.  After the hike we’ll go to a local restaurant. You’ll need a head lamp and some traction for your feet - most people wear Kahtoola MicroSpikes. Some hikers also bring Camelbaks and hiking poles.

    Watch our home page for any cancellations or last-minute changes. We’ll send an email reminder a few days before each hike.

  • November 20, 2017 3:11 PM | Mitch Hall (Administrator)

    Sarah gets written up in Explore Magazine summarizing her 4,400 km race.

  • October 20, 2017 3:22 PM | Mitch Hall (Administrator)

    Update: Council Meeting in Orangeville Regarding Dufferin County Forest Trails.

    A small group of equestrians have been trying to rescind a forest management plan that took about four years of consultations and meetings. The plan assigned separate trails for the equestrians and MTB riders. The equestrians addressed their concerns to Dufferin Council on Oct. 12th.

    The Orangeville council chambers were full that night.  There were about 100 people in attendance and about 25 were CCC members. There were four presenters for the equestrian side and one for the MTB side, who was represented by Johnny Yeaman of Team Van Go (TVG). The MTBers were very vocal compared to the equestrians. The warden had to bang his gavel to quiet us down after Johnny’s presentation.

    TVG were primarily criticized for having pictures of alcohol use displayed on their web site, and alcohol consumption is not permitted in DCF. Otherwise the equestrians didn’t really have any meaningful objections, other than they were not consulted during the 4-years it took to complete the plan. This did not draw much sympathy from the town, who felt due diligence was taken in all aspects of the process.

    I’ve included a link to the Orangeville Banner’s opinion of the evening. Similarly, their opinion focused on pictures of alcohol rather than addressing the trail plan. They didn’t realize there are many more MTB riders using the forest as compared to equestrians. Nor was it mentioned that the MTB community provides trail building and maintenance, whereas the horse community does not generally contribute.

    After the council meeting I went to dinner with Johnny and his friends. We talked about the common challenges MTB clubs have and the future of the DCF trails. He asked me to pass along his thanks to all the CCC members who came out - It meant so much to me and all of us to see the support from Caledon. I can't explain how comforting that all was”.

    It’s always nice to meet people who are on the same MTB wavelength. Cyclists are frequently disliked by most people - both on the road and on the trails, so it’s always good to meet kindred spirits. We have to keep together and it’s important to keep the cycling community strong.




  • September 18, 2017 9:39 PM | Mitch Hall (Administrator)

    Mike Morten - president.

    Margaret Law - vice president.

    John Island continues as treasurer.

    Congratulations to our 2018 club executive!

  • August 04, 2017 2:14 PM | Mitch Hall (Administrator)

    Club Elections.

    Club elections are this fall. Mike (VP) and John (TREAS) are continuing their executive positions next year, but it's Mitch's last year as president.

    We need you to nominate yourself or someone you think would be a good candidate.  The president’s duties can be tailored to suit your abilities so please don’t think you’re not qualified enough or have enough time. The ten people who help run the club can support the various tasks involved. It is crucial we get someone to volunteer in order for the club to continue operating. Email your nominations to our treasurer now.

    Fall BBQ

    Our annual ride and lunch is Sunday Sept 24that the Albion Hills Chalet. Club elections for president will also take place. You must RSVP for lunch here.

    New Beginner’s Road Ride Level – The Easy Rollers.

    New this summer - a more social-paced group to enhance our road ride offering. All groups leave from Caledon Hills Cycling promptly at 9 a.m. This group rides between 40km and 50km at an average speed of about 20kph. Routes should have you back to the shop no later than noon.

    The Palgrave Agreement – Declined.

    The Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA) manage the bike trails at Albion Hills and Palgrave. We met with them last year and they wanted us to install directional signage in Palgrave and perform some major re-routes of existing trails to maintain a safer environment for users of the property. In order for the club to install the signs and build the trails, we were required to sign an agreement that was not within the club’s ability. The agreement required a certain level of insurance coverage, property maintenance expenses and we had to accept liability for all users of the property. In the end we couldn’t legally sign the agreement, and the risks were very high. Additionally, we didn’t have the financial resources to support the responsibilities defined in the agreement.

    In helping us with this decision, we hired a lawyer, consulted with our IMBA insurance company and we met with an accountant. We analyzed the various legal risks, the costs of starting a corporation, adding a lot more insurance coverage, a much more. In the end, the decision to decline the agreement was an obvious one.

    Looking ahead, the TRCA have asked us to stop any new trail builds and not to install directional signage. The signage need in Palgrave is important and TRCA have been deferring this for many years now. Hopefully this situation will be resolved soon, but in the meantime be careful out there.

    ‘E-bikes’ at Albion and Palgrave.

    The TRCA are trying to decide if they’re going to allow pedelecs on their Albion and Palgrave trails. A pedelec (from pedal electric cycle) is a bicycle where the rider's pedalling is assisted by a small electric motor; thus it is a type of a smaller, low-powered e-bike. Their maximum speed is 25 km and they look like a mountain bike. Currently pedelecs are defined as motorized vehicles and they are not permitted on TRCA properties and most MTB parks. The Hydro Cut doesn’t allow them but Buckwallow does. The CCC doesn’t allow their use in Erin or Inglewood due to the high cost of additional insurance we would need to purchase for the landowners.

    For many people pedelecs can enable them to ride up hills, keep up with their riding partner, transport goods, get to work faster, and entice them to be more physical. We think they’re better suited to separate trail systems or urban trails and roads. Our trails are designed for slower speeds on the corners and there are poor sight lines at higher speeds.

    Will we see pedelecs in Palgrave soon? Will the riders be older or younger? Will there be pedelec races at Albion? Will I now be able to lead Level Six? Time will tell.


    Albion Hills News

    The Tea Cup trail is permanently closed. It was one of the most technical trails in Albion, but it became worn out. RIP Tea Cup. Thanks for all the good times. New trails are planned at the end of Pinecone Express. This will replace the Tea Cup section.

    Trail difficulty ratings have been posted on all trail markers. New maps are coming soon.

    Albion now hosts four MTB events every year: 24 Hours of Summer Solstice, Albion Enduro, Sara’s Ride, and Ontario Cup Races.

    You can purchase annual trail passes at Caledon Hills Cycling for $60 pp or $115 family. Regular cost is $75/$135. These prices are not available at the gate, only at CHC.

    See below for conceptual drawings of a future Albion Hills Chalet.

    Buckwallow Weekend Coming Up.

    Buckwallow Cycling Centre is a privately owned MTB park near Gravenhurst with 30 kms of high quality trails that are designed for various ability levels. We're staying at the KOA Campground next door. Gravenhurst and Bracebridge are nearby in case you want to eat there or stay at a motel.  If you're new to camping we can send you a list of what you'll need to bring. We can also arrange to loan you a tent and you can also use our community BBQ. Register for this event here.

    Join the CCC Strava riders online

    Strava is a social network and GPS app for tracking riders, their routes and their accomplishments. Strava has millions of members including 64 from the CCC. Here’s the CCC page.

    Simcoe MTB Trails.

    The Simcoe County Mountain Bike Club has a large network of trails north east of Barrie. You can check them out at

    Fun Facts

    Belfountain, ON. The first settlers arrived before 1850 and the village was called “Tubtown”. This was a reference to a local blacksmith who used large iron tubs to cool hot metal. The tubs sat outside his shop, which occupied a prominent place in the village.  The village had a population of about 300 and the local business establishments included a tannery, grist mill, sawmill, one hotel and two general stores. Fortunately, the Tubtown name did not last long. The post office renamed it Belfountain. 


    Today’s Joke

    Q: What do you call a person who doesn’t wear a bike helmet?

    A: An organ donor.

    Today's Image

    TRCA's conceptual drawing of the Albion Hills Chalet.


  • July 03, 2017 4:46 PM | Mike Morten (Administrator)

    New for this summer a more social paced group to enhance our road ride offering. Starting this coming Sunday, July 9, Pam McKinley and Kathy Sutton will co-lead the new Easy Rollers group.

    All groups leave from Caledon Hills Cycling promptly at 09:00, the Easy Rollers group will tackle distances of between 40km and 50km at an average speed of about 20kph - a more social pace. Routes should have you back to the shop no later than noon. Watch the website for more details or send Mike an email.

  • May 01, 2017 10:43 AM | Mitch Hall (Administrator)

    Cancelled rides will be shown at the top of the CCC home page. We'll also tweet the cancellation. Usually we decide within 2-5 hours of the ride start while we monitor the precipitation radar. If you show up to a cancelled ride, there will be no ride leaders or sweepers so you are on your own.

  • February 27, 2017 1:32 PM | Mitch Hall (Administrator)

    Erin Trails

    Randy Stewart recently sold his property in Erin and the new owners are OK with bike trails existing on their property. That is a big relief.

    Randy has also resigned as manager of the Erin trails and the club would like to thank him for all his hard work and vision. Everyone who’s helped build and maintain this property should be very proud of their contribution to the local MTB community.

    The club will continue to work with the Erin property owners to reassure them of our responsible trail usage, on-going maintenance, and the insurance coverage we provide them with. We’ll be meeting with the land owners in the spring and hopefully our members can continue to enjoy the Erin trails for many years to come.


    Wendy Retires as RCO

    Wendy Wilson has retired as Ride Control Officer (RCO) for our Monday night rides. We’ll be sad not to have her organizing the rides, but she’ll still be doing clinics and other events. We’re looking for a new person to resume her duties. The new RCO should be a regular Monday rider with experience in leading rides. (Cowbell experience not required.) Contact us here if you’re interested in becoming RCO.


    Albion Trail Signs

    Last summer Mitch and Leigh met with four employees of the TRCA at the Albion chalet. They needed the club’s input while assigning difficulty levels to the trails. This year signage will be installed using ski-like symbols – double diamond, etc.

    The TRCA used a ‘baby carriage’ to measure the trail difficulty. Inside the carriage is a gyroscope, GPS and inclinator. The various devices determine the trail length and grade. Obstacle locations and heights are recorded by the operator along with trail width and trail surface (sandy, gravel, rocks). Bridges, big features, and rocks are also considered when assigning difficulty. After the computer assigned numeric difficulty ratings, the trail riders used their experience to decide the final rating. The 'baby carriage' was amazingly good at its ability to rate the trail.

    In other Albion news, the Tea Cup is being closed as it is not sustainable due to erosion. While the Tea Cup is a fun and technical ride, it can be a little uncomfortable and many riders tend to bypass it.

    Albion will be building an amphitheatre and boardwalk where the pond used to be.



    Last year the club donated to Big Brothers Big Sisters. We gave them $1,000 to buy new bikes for underprivileged kids in Brampton. Brampton Cycling Club and CHC were also donors. It was great to contribute to a local charity and to have a bicycle-related theme was a bonus. We look forward to doing more of this in 2017.


    Club Jerseys - revised design coming

    The clubs is ordering more jerseys and we're reverting to the original jersey design with a few minor changes. We’re using Louis Garneau as the supplier since they’ve always provided us with good quality and an excellent fit. Blue and pink versions will be available. View the jersey designs here. Blue. Pink.


    Bike Show

    The club is exhibiting at this year’s bike show in Toronto from March 3rd to 5th at the Better Living Building. If you’re at the show make sure to visit us in booth #554. Thanks to all the people helping at our booth - John Island, Ben VandeCamp, Wayne Noble, Susanne Biasutto, Andre Thibault, Julie Holmes, Dave Grosse, Mitch Hall, Dan and Nancy Rowland.


    Palgrave Changes

    Joe and crew continue their work expanding and re-routing the Palgrave trails. The southern trails will have about 1 km added and they’ll be made into several distinct loops rather than one long ride. The loops will make it easier to get out of the forest if you’re tired or hurt. Directional arrows will be installed to make most of the trails one-way. This will make it safer and it will change the flow of the ride as some of the existing trail heads will be closed or moved. This map shows the proposed changes, but it can be difficult to interpret. The highlighted sections indicate new or existing trails. The unhighlighted sections in the southern part will be closed.


    Social Committee

    Our social committee includes Kathy Sutton, Shannon Tucker and Margaret Law. They have already planned the events for the 2017 season. Some highlights include a Buckwallow weekend in August, more pub hikes, a road ride lunch at the Cider Tree, and a pedal paddle with apple pie ….. whatever that is.


    Club Plans

    The club execs are working on several things this year. We are writing a constitution that describes the club’s philosophy, policies and procedures. This will make it easier when new execs are voted in to office. We’re also having club elections at the end of the 2017 season.

    We’re creating a ride leader program to ensure our leaders are trained in ride rules and are prepared for emergencies.


    Fun Facts - Palgrave

    In the 1800’s Palgrave was called Buck’s Town. It was named after the local tavern keeper. When the post office opened in 1869, the name was changed to honour Sir Palgrave – an English poet. The name change was ‘imposed’ on the community.

    Author Farley Mowat used to live in Palgrave during the 1950’s.

    The original Disney version of “The Incredible Journey”, which follows the adventures of two dogs and a cat, was filmed in Palgrave during the sixties.


    Pro Tip

    Look where you want to go, and not where you don’t want to go. If you stare down a rock or pothole you want to avoid, chances are you will run right into it. Stay focused on the trail 10 feet in front of you and keep your pedals level …… to avoid clipping that rock.


    Upcoming Events

    Toronto Bike Show – March 3-5. Visit the CCC booth #554.

    Membership Drive at The Shop – Sign up in person at Caledon Hills Cycling in Inglewood. A club rep will be there every Saturday 11 am to 4 pm. March 11 to April 29.

    Rail Trail Warm Up Ride – Inglewood to Caledon East with a stop for coffee and snacks. Sat Apr 22.

    Spring BBQ  -  Sunday, April 30. You must RSVP to attend.

    24 Hour Race at Albion – June 24/25.


    Ontario Cups and other MTB events – mark your calendars.

    April 23- O Cup

    May 7- O Cup

    May 13- 8 Hour Race

    May 27- Single Track Challenge

    June 11- O Cup

    June 18- O Cup

    June 24/25- 24 Hour Race

    July 9- O Cup

    July 15- 8 Hour Race

    July 29- O Cup

    August 27- O Cup

    September 23- 8 Hour Race

    Today's Image.

    Fear not. Spring's coming.

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